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If you are offended by any content on this site....GREAT!

Mission accomplished! 

If you don't like what you read here....LEAVE!

The Jokebase takes NO responsibility for your problems, your lack of humor, or propensity of being offended easily. Your misery is YOUR misery. You own it.


Basically, we don't cater to the easily offended, hurt feelings, politically correctness, butt-hurt snowflakes in safespaces, anti-free speechfascists, fake news, douchebags, libtards, antifa, commies, and any other basement dwelling scum that is too uptight to laugh. 

If you are reading this it probably means you were already offended (again, mission accomplished!) and your life sucks bigly (even before you came here), so don't blame your misery on us or our jokes.

If you can't laugh....piss off and get a life.....or die.

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